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The direction under Scott Westerman is so well done that even after a somewhat predictable first act, the audience has plenty to talk about during intermission, and again after the final bows. The simple set, designed by Sotirios Livaditis, allows the story to shine. A relatable, introspective work, SEX WITH STRANGERS is highly recommended.
— Andrea Cain, Performink
Directed by Scott Westerman, this two person play is solidly done and in the intimate space of Citadel Theatre, maybe even more tense and intimate than the original Steppenwolf production(s) of 2009 and 2011.
— Alan Bresloff, Around The Town
Westerman’s fast-paced direction never allows the show to drag for even a minute, though he uses occasional silences to his advantage.
— Karen Topham, Chicago OnStage


1.28.15 - 4.26.15

The Artistic Home’s ‘Macbeth’ is frighteningly real.
READER RECOMMENDED ...director Scott Westerman drills deep into the tragedy’s seductive ooze—here the eye of newt sees more clearly than the eye of man. Welcome to postapocalyptic Macbeth, where freshwater is the ultimate bounty and polluted bogs mirror the larger pollution of the state. You listen before you look in this savage swamp world, which echoes of scraping knives and hushed cymbals.
— Chicago Reader
Westerman’s ambitious undertaking lacks the majesty that I associate with Macbeth. This show is much more a sci-fi action thriller than a timeless classic about the evil corrosion of humanity from greed. The tone is seedy from the get-go.
— The Fourth Walsh
The Artistic Home certainly succeeds in its inventive creepiness, particularly with the ever-manipulative weird sisters who crawl and writhe out of the most unexpected places.
— Windy City Times
This may be the best modern adaptation of Shakespeare I’ve ever seen. Most adaptations that update the period but keep the text strain for kind of relevance. This director’s insight into aspects of nature that are woven into Macbeth and how they relate to current climate change and water scarcity is brilliant. Given that it’s all staged in the tiniest of spaces it’s a pretty darn good result. I couldn’t help but imagine where a little more space and technical budget could have taken this show.
— GoldStar Patron

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World Premiere

by Scott Woldman

2.8.16 - 3.20.16

Director Scott Westerman keeps the drama tight and the humor edgy. INTERROGATION will keep you guessing until the end.
— The Fourth Walsh
The adventure that unfolds is an engrossing one, deftly played out with tight direction by Scott Westerman.
— Chicago Critic
Juggling the different narratives and speculation of motivation, Woldman and director Scott Westerman never let a moment linger too long lest we forget that this is only one version of the story.
— Newcity

photos by Tim Knight